picture of man learning to wakeboard

Established in 2015

We started out as a couple of buddies growing up in the mountains of northern Arizona. We learned to wakeboard on the waters of Lake Pleasant, pulling each other behind an old boat on a wake board that looked like it came from another century. Though we may have almost died learning how to board, it was then and there that we fell in love with boating. The sun, the water and playing with our friends captured our hearts. It was those trips to the lake, now over 10 years ago, that cemented our friendship. That is where this whole adventure began, an adventure that now provides us with the opportunity to help others fall in love with the wind and the waves. 

Many of my closest relationships started from a day on the lake.  There is something special about being out in nature with the sun and water that seems to bond people together. We love spending time on the water and are excited to be helping others experience this great pastime

Wakes is about new experiences and living life to its fullest. At Wakes, it’s all about getting out with friends and family— making new memories, learning new things and getting the most out of life. 

We are here to help you do that!